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Boost your sales and be available for your customers 24/7. Our bot uses machine learning to respond to the demands and question of customers, so that you don't have to worry about responding to those late night questions.

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Educational institutions

Tired of Google Drive documents to find the handbook, calendar or schedule? With simple question you can have your document right away. Does your school have an residence attendance system? Check yourself in through chat.

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Let your chatbot do the recruitment for you. Let volunteers can sign up through a chat! Does your NGO have a pile of files online? Does it take a while to get what you need? Not anymore, text your chatbot and have your document right away.

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LEAF Assistant For You

One of our first customers is LEAF Academy, international school for future leadership based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Facebook Chatbot on Messenger provides easy access to school data for students, simplifies the attendance system and provides entertainment for the students using a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Our customers

LEAFY is name of the bot who helps the students to organize their time, check themselves in for residential check-in and similarly ensures smooth check-in process for teachers which was a hassle before LEAFY was implemented.

  • It also provides important school information such as:

    teacher contacts, when needed.
  • school year calendar,
    for students to plan their time.
  • school materials,
    such as absence request sheet and many more.
  • tutorials how to use school materials.

  • LEAFY has become a hub for student life.

    Click here, see it with your own eyes

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Save your human resources

Don't spend your time on organizing people, searching for documents and responding to your customer's frequently asked questions. Save your time and with our chatbot and make your organization flourish.

The amazing Team

Proxima is a team of enthusiastic innovators who aim to improve the life and experience of high school students, especially in Boarding schools.

Filip Miháľ CEO
Jakub Kubíček Co-Founder
Miroslav Macko Chatbot Developer
Stanislav Modrak Software Developer
Rafi Faqiri Business Developer
Daniel Bunda UI/UX Designer

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